About Us
About Us

About CCCAA:

The Coordination Council of Chinese American Associations (CCCAA) was formally established in Maryland in 2003 as a nonprofit organization under IRS Code 501C (3). As an umbrella organization consisting of almost 40 member Chinese American Hometown Associations, CCCAA is by far the largest and the most influential Chinese American organization in the Greater Washington area.


The mission of the CCCAA is to unite Chinese Americans living in the Greater Washington area so that our voice will be better heard and the relationship between Chinese American and the mainstream will be strengthened and harmonious. For the individual members of each of these 40 participating associations, they are bonded together by having the same hometown heritage as they come from the same province or major city in China. With these member associations, CCCAA does proudly represent over 10,000 Chinese people in the Greater Washington area, and thus truly represents the entire Chinese communities in the Greater Washington area.


As a Chinese American organization, we have two major responsibilities:

(1) Maintain and promote our own heritage, and

(2) Help our members, especially new immigrants, to fully integrate into the American mainstream.

America is the land of immigrants from all over the world. The American cultural tapestry has been enriched by absorbing various cultures and heritages of immigrants.  As Chinese Americans, we must do our best to further enrich the American cultural tapestry by maintaining and promoting our culture and heritage. Meanwhile, as American citizens, we must actively encourage and help our members to fully integrate into American mainstream by participating in community events and reaching out to other cultural groups in our society.

From an educational viewpoint, many of our members have advanced degrees. They are highly educated professionals, who have been trained as scientists, engineers, lawyers, medical doctors, financial experts, IT specialists, just name a few, and have been making great  contributions to the American society.