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Honorable President Jin Gong jgong0201@yahoo.com
Honorable President Harry P. Lau hp_lau@yahoo.com
Honorable President Helen He cccaa2008@gmail.com
Honorable President Ruyi He ruyihe2012@gmail.com Ruyihe@cccaa.org
Honorable President/Chair of Board of Directors Ningping Feng fengnp@yahoo.com
President Jay Sun Jjay_sunda@hotmail.com
Vice President Lei Huang huang_lei95@yahoo.com
Vice President/General Secretary Mark Xu Markxu2000@yahoo.com
Vice President/Director of Performance Dept. Connie Shen connieshenus@yahoo.com
Vice President/Director of Public Relation Dept. Ruilian Liang ruilian.liang@gmail.com
Vice President Ercheng Li echlispin@gmail.com
Vice President/Director of Inf Tech Dept. George Zhou george7454a@gmail.com
Vice President/Director of Cult Exch Dept. Deming Zhang demingzh2001@yahoo.com
Vice President Rongtao Xu xrtnju@gmail.com