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About Us

A Message from the President of CCCAA


Dear friends:

Welcome to the official website of the Coordination Council of Chinese American Associations (CCCAA).  It is our sincere hope that, through this website, you will be able to get a better understanding of our organization, as well as the work that we have been doing in integrating our members into the American mainstream and in promoting cultural harmony with other ethnic groups in our society. Although many of our members were born in China, we have all chosen America as our new home. We wish to make a contribution for the general good of our adopted homeland.

As Chinese Americans, we have double responsibilities. While we strive to maintain our own heritage and to promote cultural diversity that helps to enrich the American cultural tapestry, we are acutely aware that we must also integrate into the American mainstream by actively participating in the affairs of our adopted homeland.  We must stay united with all Americans and forward together with them to make an even better America. This is our goal and we hope that is also yours.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Please take a moment to browse and review our history and past activities and give us any feedback that you may have. We truly value your comments and suggestions that will help us do a better job.

Stay united and forward together!




Jay Sun, President