Responsibilities of the General Affairs Department (GAD) under the Coordination Council of Chinese-American Associations (CCCAA) in the Greater Washington DC area:

  1. The GAD is affiliated with the CCCAA and reports to the CCCAA. It consists of one department director and two or three deputy department directors.
  2. The GAD primarily provides logistical support for CCCAA and its functional departments. It assists with performing various activities and implementing proposed tasks, especially in supporting the Executive Committee of CCCAA. 
  3. In conjunction with other functional units, the GAD helps to organize, plan and provide support for several major annual events held by the CCCAA such as the Spring Festival Gala and the Lantern Festival Gala. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, reserving event sites and supplying food.
  4. The GAD also assists the CCCAA in fundraising. Responsibilities include contacting and respectfully negotiating with sponsors in various fields.
  5. Finally, the GAD establishes and follows policy and procedures regarding fixed assets management for the CCCAA, and fulfills and updates inventory. The GAD regularly reports all financial activities related to the inventory to the Executive Committee of CCCAA or when deemed necessary.