Director: Connie Shen

Deputy Directors: Benzhi Yu,  Ruxin Guo, Mei He, Ying Pan

-Scope of Responsibilities:

1. Coordinate with fellow associations in jointly organizing various performing arts and cultural activities, such as the annual Asia Festival, China Cultural Festival and Community World Day; and sieving out performances by various community performing organizations;

2. Coordinate with fellow associations in jointly taking care of affairs regarding the reception of performing troupes dispatched by the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs and All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and the sale of tickets;

3. Be responsible for ticket sales for the annual Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival performances organized by the Coordination Council of Chinese American Associations;

4. Assist various Chinese American Associations in organizing their art performances;

5. Offer concrete support for art performances by organizations of which CCCAA is a party (such as the sale of tickets).


-Future Plans:

1. Offer quality control for all performances to ensure that Chinese American performances become part of large scale mainstream activities;

2. Promote positive influence by Chinese Americans on the mainstream society;

3. Further enrich art and cultural life of Chinese Americans.