Department of Community Health Service (DCHS)

Department of Community Health Services (DCHS) was established in June 2015 with a mission of providing charitable health services to the Chinese community and promoting the health and healthcare of the community members. Since its establishment, the department has been holding a series of health fairs for the Chinese communities in Montgomery County, Howard County and Fairfax County for three consecutive years. The health fairs offered free blood lab tests, medical consultations and flu shots.

Director: Sabrina Hsu

Senior Advisor: Nathan (Yining) Wang

Deputy Director: Cheng Tan, Wanli Liu, Wei Liao, Shuling Zhang

Other Members: Ningping Feng, George Zhou

Goals & Services:

· Conducting surveys to collect background data on the health needs in the community and proposing health services plans.

· Providing health and resource education by organizing seminars/workshops and health/resource fairs.

· Organizing community based disease screenings (such as Hepatitis B screening) and providing charitable physical examination and medical consultation as well as flu vaccination to low income and uninsured community members.

· Working closely with health administrations and service agencies of the local governments to maximize the utilization of the public health resources within the community.